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Stock bearings and axle carriers aren’t strong enough to handle the punishment T-Maxx, E-Maxx & MGT owners dish out. In addition, more strength is needed at the axle carrier when offset wheels are used or when aluminum accessories and oversized wheels & tires add more weight and stress to the driveline. We have completely redesigned the axle carriers for the maximum amount of strength and durability and included some seriously beefy 15mm. sealed bearings to top it all off! Check out this incredible list of features:

RPM Axle Carriers:

  • Stock replacement ’no modifications necessary to fit.
  • Larger bearing bores that accept RPM Oversized bearings.
  • Includes 4 ’ 15mm. bearings in the kit ’ nothing more to buy.
  • Beefier, thicker walls and ribs for the ultimate in crash protection.
  • Double-ribbed steering arm / toe link arm for undeniably stronger and more rigid steering control and toe angle stability.
  • Stepped front surface to prevent plastic wheels from hitting the axle carrier under high cornering & jumping loads.
  • Molded from our bulletproof and lifetime guaranteed blend of nylons for unsurpassed breakage protection.
  • Molded in black, blue, & purple, as well as a dyeable white, that will allow anyone the most versatility with respect to color choices.

RPM Oversized 15mm. Bearings:

  • A full 15mm. in diameter ’ that’s 3mm. larger than stock!
  • 1mm. wider than stock bearings, with 2 bearings per axle, that’???s an extra 2mm. per axle of contact with the axle shaft for smoother, longer-running performance.
  • 100% Stainless steel construction for rust free dependability and longer lasting performance versus chrome steel bearings.
  • Built with friction-free blue nylon seals for the ultimate in dirt protection and can be cleaned using our RPM Bearing Blaster.
  • Actual bearing ball diameters are a full 33% larger than stock.
  • Have more than twice the load rating of stock chrome steel bearings & have over three times the fatigue life as well!
  • Prelubed with lightweight oil for minimal rolling resistance.

RPM axle carriers are sold in pairs. One truck will need two packages to cover all four corners of a T/E-Maxx for complete, RPM bulletproof protection.

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