Pre-ordered items can be  canceled within 3 days from date of purchase. 

After 3 days this is final sale.


Please TEXT ONLY 647-321-1965  your order # and your request to cancel this order.

This is the only way to CANCEL YOUR ORDER.  After 3 days this is final sale. As BBWCT has ordered this product specifically for you . NO refunds after 3 days unless manufactures backorder exceeds a period of 180 days from date of purchase. 

All pre-ordered items are debited in full from the customers form of payment as soon as the customer completes the transaction on our website or at point of sale . Within 3 days of making their purchase, the customer can request via TEXT ONLY 647-321-1965 to cancel their pre-ordered item with no penalty and full money back. A customer can request a full money back prior to BBWCT sending the money to the supplier and ordering the product but only within 3 days from time of purchase. Otherwise the transaction is complete and a final sale.

Failing to deliver a pre-ordered item within 180 days

 If a pre-ordered item cannot be delivered because of manufacturing problems. The customer will receive a full refund on the original form of payment , after a set out 180 days. Including any shipping or taxes will be refunded to the Customer as well .Once a refund has been issued this process may take between 3 and 10 business days for it to show back up on the customers method of payment .


ALL Discounted sales

ALL Discounted sales are FINAL SALE in-store .NO EXCEPTIONS

Our policies are posted in neon green signs . Located at our point of sale at the front of the store.


Online Sales Discounts :  Discount sales that are final sale online  **** But can be canceled within 12 hours by texting 1-647-321-1965 within a 12 hour window of the order being placed.

Please remember that if your item is a boat, a plane or a large truck ( oversized ) this may incur extra shipping costs for oversize parcels or based off the region where you live.  Please contact our shipping department within the 12 hour window if you have any questions or concerns.  Failing to contact the text phone number ** 1-647-321-1965** in regards to this within the 12 hour window is considered a final sale.
You will be expected to pay for any extra shipping cost for oversize product.

All shipping carriers that Big Boys with Cool Toys use only cover up to $100.00 for lost ,stolen or damaged coverage. If a customer requires full coverage of their order please contact the shipping department at 1-647-850-7298 BY TEXT ONLY WITH YOUR ORDER NUMBER TO REQUEST AN INSURANCE QUOTE. 




  • Loyalty Points Discount
  • Coupon Discounts For Percentages 5% ,10 %.....
  • Holiday Discounts like, Labour Day Sales, Black Friday, Show Prices Etc.
  • If you receive a discount on your receipt “NO” Loyalty points are awarded
  • How do you know where to look for a discount it is marked on your invoice as a negative number just above the taxes

Discount and Coupons.

Coupons that are  present day or Future days cannot be back dated on previous sales no expectations. As we can only offer these coupons discounts during the sales days .

 Payment of product.

Our website uses a third-party app which is secure as using any banking system in Canada. Your information and  credit card information does not get locked in or stay anywhere on the back end of a BBWCT System whatsoever. All staff including owners of BBWCT and management never see your full payment information and cannot debit your form of payment to add anything to order.

A new order  has to be placed in order to be merge with existing order.. To make sure that your shipment can proceed and sent to the shipping department to be packed up. All orders are debited from the method of payment used immediately once the customer finalize there order. We do except all major credit cards along with Apple Pay for online customer . In store - cash and debit at our point of sale. Along with the the above mentioned credit cards and Apple Pay as well . If you have any questions please reach out via email to us so we can help answer your questions if you may have any at


Merging of two orders

Merging of two orders if you place an online order and choose to add to your order prior to it leaving the building you may do so and text 647 321 1965 you will receive confirmation that your order can be merged, if it has not already left the building please reach out to the text phone number prior to wanting to merge any order to check the status of your shipment as your shipment may be already packed up and on its way and is not eligible to for merging .

If your order has already left the building your shipment may require additional shipping charges. Please check with the text phone number for confirmation prior to wanting to merge any orders together. Orders that are in-store pick up prior to them being picked up can obviously merge as many orders as possible and will be held in our online department for pick up up to a period of 90 days if the customer has not picked up their parcels within the 90 days from our store Big Boys With Cool Toys reserves the right to discard of this product or donate this product to a charity pass the 90 day window that the customer received an email that their product is ready for pick up.





Products that are factory sealed (ONLY) are eligible for a full refund within 7 days of purchase (excluding liquids, Batteries & electronic parts ) or store credit within 14 days of purchase. ****AFTER 14 DAYS ALL SALES ARE FINAL **** 

All items being returned must be in new condition, remain unused, and must be in the original packaging. Once an item has been used we will not accept a return for any reason including potential warranty concerns. Some items are subject to the special conditions, please see below.

For any returns please text returns manager for a return number. 647-321-1965 You will be asked to send your original invoice number to the TEXT LINE also pictures of the factory sealed product prior to returning it to the store or shipping it back to the store until the store receives your product it is your responsibility with tracking insurance and or any coverage to make sure it arrives in our hands big boys with cool toys it’s not liable for the customers returns not arriving. A refund will be not be given unless merchandise arrives at our store  factory sealed and undamaged condition.

Exchanged items are Final Sale.

Sales with any form of discount is a FINAL SALE. NO EXCEPTIONS. 


(Terms and conditions do apply please read below) Online orders can be cancelled within 24 hours as long as they have not been shipped out or are holding in the shipping department, not responding to emails or texts from the shipping department will not grant you cancellation by ignoring shipping requests. If you choose to cancel your online order within 24 hours (this is the grace period) to cancel otherwise it is final sale and we are holding your product waiting for you to pay shipping oversized/insurance or hazmat fees for fuel, paint etc. Thank you for understanding we cannot hold and sit on product that is been allocated to you and other customers cannot purchase these items because it is locked down for you, normally stocked items that are not on the non-eligible return list can be put back into stock but not special ordered items. Example if you order multiples of one part or a pre-ordered item that we do not carry on a regular basis these are final sale please make sure you check your junk mail in your regular mailbox and or your text messages for any shopping cart as we have electronically sent these shipping charges to you so that you can pay them and receive your product ASAP. To cancel you have 24 hours from the time of purchase to text your order number to 647-321-1965 and request your order to be cancelled. You MUST receive a confirmation by text from the online order department phone number if your order has been cancelled or is eligible for cancellation. All items being returned must be in new condition, remain unused, and must be in the original packaging. Once an item has been used we will not accept a return for any reason including potential warranty concerns. Some items are subject to the special conditions, please see below.

Exchanged items are Final Sale.

Sales with any form of discount is a FINAL SALE. NO EXCEPTIONS. 


If you have placed an online order, and it has shipped, shipping charges will not be refunded. Once it leaves our building it is the customers responsibility to ship the order back to us. When you ship the order back please send us your order number and tracking via an TEXT SMS TO 647-321-1965. Once we receive your order we will refund your order minus the outbound shipping chargers.  Sealed product ONLY (batteries electronics fuel and glue are Final Sale.) 

10% restocking fee APPLIES TO TOTAL ORDER  for our online department to restock this product. 



Defective Merchandise: 

All Warranty or Defective Merchandise is handled through the manufacturer of the product.  Warranty does not cover shipping from consumer to store or customer to manufacturer  Consumer is responsible for all shipping for warranty  claims.

BBWCT can help to diagnose the defect or warranty issue.

The manufacturer does not cover labor cost, our shop rate is $30.00 per half hour

Big Boys with cool toys are not liable for the Warranty or defective products.

Most products bought from Big Boys with Cool Toys has a 30-day manufacturer warranty.

We can provide contacts to the manufacturers.

Please text 647 321 1965 or email for store assistance.

All Carrera slot car tracks and parts have 30 day manufactures warranty. Parts have to be shipped back or dropped off at the store for the staff to check. We will file the appropriate warranty with Carrera of America. Anything past 30 days can be directly handled by Carrera of America in regards to any warranty they wish to extend to the consumer.

Once the 30 day window is up this is a final sale NO warranty FROM BBWCT 

Missing Parts:

Big boys with cool toys does not manufacture any of product we sell . If there is a missing component please email and we will help resolve this with manufacturer. 

Special Conditions:

Certain items cannot be returned. This includes all Software, Glue, Paint, Batteries, Glow Plugs, Plastic Models, Rocket Engines/Igniters, Science or Activity kits, Games, fuel ,and Electronics parts.

Free shipping is on orders over $99.99 ** WHEN Free shipping is offered 

Conditions apply.

** Free shipping can not be combined with any other offers, specials, sales or discounted items that appear on our website

**Free shipping does not include oversized shipping fees. YOU WILL BE SENT A SHIPPING INVOICE. 

** Free shipping is only applicable in Canada only 

** All hazards materials are subject to shipping charges 

**  Free shipping is standard Canada post 5-14 business days delivery     (depending on where you live in Canada). 

** Free shipping is on parcels that measure 38 cm X 29 cm X 6 cm bubble mailer not weighing more than 800gms or the parcel equal in volume to these measurements. Any parcels above and beyond these diameters will be charged oversize shipping. A invoice will be sent with oversize shipping charges to customers.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO cancel your order with free shipping these conditions apply...

( if you don't want to pay extra incurred shipping charges example oversize or insurance ).

You can cancel within 24 HOURS from time of purchase only by texting

647-321-1965 this is a direct text to a shipping manager and you will receive a confirmation of your cancelled order.

Failing to cancel your order with in 24hour period the order will be processed as final sale and your package will be held until shipping charges are paid for.

Your product will be held for a period of 90 days in the shipping department. After 90 days your product will be donated to children's charity and no refund will be issued after the 24 hour cancellation period.


**Free shipping does not apply to discontinued item or discounted items. BBWCT will send you a shopping cart for shipping chargers if this applies. * Free shipping is only applicable to Canada only. **All hazards materials are subject to shipping chargers.

*Free shipping-Returns

Free shipping only includes the shipping of a parcel to our customers.

If the customer decides to return that item. BBWCT has the right to charge the customer the incurred shipping fees and BBBWCT will deduct the incurred shipping fee off their refund, once BBWCT receives the product back (the Item should be factory sealed or no refund will be given. The customer will incur the cost of shipping back open product ) .

In Store Returns:

When returning an item following conditions must be met in addition to those mentioned above:

  • You must provide the original invoice showing the item being returned, dated within the previous 7 days.
  • If you do not have a receipt no return can be done NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • The staff does not have the means to look up your receipt only management does, They can be contacted through text 647-321-1965 response time within 72 hours  Monday to Friday only. 

Big Boys With Cool Toys is not responsible for shipping delays by the carriers once the shipment has left our building. Refund for shipping  can only be issued once the claim is settled by the carrier. Big Boys With Cool Toys will do its best to make the claim on customer behalf and not responding to carrier emails or phone contact with the customer can delay the claim or the claim can be rejected by the carrier.


Promotional sales or rebates/coupons cannot be backdated 


If an address is entered incorrectly at the time of order being placed by the customer, any shipping charges incurred by BBWCT will be charged to a customer for reshipping of the package.



If the customer uses both on their order we (BBWCT) reserve the right to completely  refund your order.

Points  can not be refunded. Please use your points on non ticketed sales items.

Gift Cards:

Once gift cards have been purchased, they may not be returned for cash. The value of the card must be applied to the purchase of a product.

Any product that is purchased with a gift card and subsequently returned, the refund will be issued by the same means as it was originally paid. If some of the purchase was paid by gift card, the same amount will be reapplied to the gift card. GIFT CARDS CAN NOT BE REPLACED, PLEASE DON'T LOSE YOUR GIFT CARD

Discontinued and Clearance/Stock Reduction items cannot be returned. All sales on these products are final.

ALL Discounted sales are




  • Loyalty Points Discount
  • Coupon Discounts For Percentages 5% ,10 %.....
  • Holiday Discounts like, Labour Day Sales, Black Friday, Show Prices Etc.
  • If you receive a discount on your receipt “NO” Loyalty points are awarded


Promotional offers cannot be combined example free shipping with a discount of a product or points being combined with free shipping if you have any questions please contact our management team at 647 3211965 if you have used a discount code and or free shipping your order may be refunded or you may be asked to pay for shipping if you want to keep your discount applied to your order if you do request free shipping discount points such as loyalty points cannot be refunded to customers account


If you have any more question or concerns please send us  text 647 321 1965 and a member of our team will respond back with in 24 hours.

BBWCT reserves the right to alter Store Policies at their discretion without any notice.