AX30792 Threaded Aluminum Link 7X87.5mm Grey (2)

Inventory :
The Threaded Aluminum Links are the Factory Axial option parts to replace plastic lower arms on the Wraith RTR and are a perfect upgrade for the RTR enthusiast who seek higher impact load resistance and or upgraded motors that are putting more stress on the suspension. These Aluminum Links will not flex under heavy power transfer for true straight-line performance.

’??¶« Installing the Threaded Aluminum Links will require the use of the following items:¶ôǨAX80018¶ôǨ(plastic balls) -or-¶ôǨAXA1331¶ôǨSteel Flange Ball /¶ôǨAX80057¶ôǨLink Ends /¶ôǨAXA0187¶ôǨSet Screws

’??¶« Compatible with the Axial¶ôǨAX10 Ridgecrest¶ôǨ- 1/10th Scale Electric 4WD- RTR. Please use¶ôǨAX80057-XR10 Linkage Set and¶ôǨAXA186- M3x16mm Set Screw (Black) (10pcs) to complete conversion.¶ôǨ

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