Top Waterproof RC Cars You Should Buy

All RC cars are cool, but not all RC cars are created equal. The great thing about having a collection of RC cars is that they each offer different cool features that you can enjoy. Some RC cars are designed particularly to tackle a specific environment. Some are great for rocky and hilly environments, while others are perfect for the water. Despite the differences, these specific key features are what cause some RC cars to stand out from the others. 

What Waterproof RC cars can go on water?

Have you ever seen a car drive on water? It’s just as cool as it sounds, and the Traxxas Slash 4x4 delivers on this promise. Its ability to drive on water without being submerged is one of the key features of the Slash 4x4. 

All that is required for this awesome on-the-water experience is a set of aftermarket paddle tyres intended for sand, Traxxas' optional high-speed gearing, and a Power Cell 3s LiPo battery. Once assembled, your Taxxas Slash 4x4 will become fast enough to drive on top of the water without sinking! 

What is the best Waterproof RC car money can buy?

Having a cool waterproof RC car really makes for fun experiences and beefs up your collection. Here are our top three recommendations for the best waterproof RC cars: 

  1. Traxxas Slash - Traxxas is a brand that has carried weight for years, and there’s a reason why it still remains a popular choice today. Their cars are known for delivering quality, great performance, and for giving relevant upgrades with each new model. 

The Slash is completely waterproof and has a  Titan 550 motor, a Metal gear Magnum 272 transmission, and a special slipper clutch for torque control. It can also reach speeds of over 40mph. 

  1. Traxxas TRX4 Defender - This off-road RC was built for performance, endurance and style. It features portal axles for maximum ground clearance, remote-locking differentials for even better traction, and heavy-duty steel frame rails for durability. 

Additionally, it’s built with a two-speed hi-lo transmission and electronic hill-hold control. The waterproof capabilities are a much-needed plus that cannot be overlooked. This means taking it through wet conditions for even more fun is an absolute must.

  1. ARRMA Infraction Truck - High performance is once again a main reason to invest in this RC. This waterproof RC delivers amazing speed of up to 80mph, due to its Spektrum Firma 4074 2050Kv electric motor. It also features a tunable rear wing to give you aerodynamic efficiency and a remote-operated handbrake. 

It is best recommended for road conditions, but can definitely handle all-terrain as well due to its 4x4 feature. 

When it comes to RC cars that are able to deliver quality, speed, and top performance every time ARRMA and Taxxas are two brands that will not disappoint. With the world of RCs constantly changing and upgrading, you have to stick with brands that understand the assignment every time, and know what collectors are looking for. Having top waterproof RCs in your collection is definitely a plus. 

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