TRA6498 Sway bar kit, XO-1 (front and rear) (includes front and rear sway bars and adjustable linkages)

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This is the Traxxas Front/Rear Sway Bar Kit for the XO-1 On-Road Car.


  • Silver colored
  • Made of metal
  • Installation hardware included
  • For the Traxxas XO-1 On-Road Car

The XO-1's fully-adjustable suspension system is even more tunable with the addition of the all new Traxxas front and rear sway bar kit. Pre-assembled links with installed pivot balls make fine-tuning the sway bar stiffness quick and easy. This easy-to-install kit includes “heavy” and “light” sway bars to adjust weight transfer. Installation hardware is included.

One Traxxas Front/Rear Sway Bar Kit with Hardware

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