TRA5889 Tires & wheels, assembled, glued (SCT Split-Spoke black,satin chrome beadlock style wheel, dual profile (2.2" outer,3.0" inner), SCT off-road racing tires, foam inserts) (2) (4WD f/r, 2WD rear) (TSM rated)

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These are Traxxas Tire Wheel Assembled Glue SCT Split-Spoke Black.


  • Fits the rear of 2WD short course trucks and the front and rear of 4WD short course trucks
  • Split-spoke beadlock style wheels, black spokes and satin chrome beadlock detail (beadlocks are non-functional)
  • Dual profile wheels 2.2 outer diameter, 3.0 inner diameter
  • Tires with foam inserts and off-road racing tread
  • Traxxas Stability Management (TSM) rated

Includes: Two Assembled Traxxas SCT Tires and Wheels

Diameter: 4.4 (111mm)
Width: 1.53 (39mm)
Hex Size: 12mm

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