TRA5746X Hardware kit, stainless steel, Spartan/DCB M41 (contains all stainless steel hardware used on Spartan and DCB M41)

Inventory :
This is the Traxxas Spartan Boat Stainless Steel Hardware Kit.

Two 2.5x10mm Hex Head, Six 4x14mm Hex Head, Eight 4x12mm Hex Head, One 3x18mm Hex Head, Two 2.5x8mm Hex Head, One 4x8mm Hex Head, Two 3x15mm Hex Head, Two 4x10mm Hex Head, One 3x4mm Hex Head, Three 4x16mm Hex Head, Three M3 locknuts, Four M3.5 locknuts, Two 4x3mm Set Screws, One 3x4mm Set Screw, Four 3x8mm Flat Hex Head, One 3x15mm Cap Screw, Two 3x10mm Cap Screws, One 3x6mm Cap Screw.

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