TRA5374X Tires & wheels, assembled, glued

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This is a pair of Talon tires mounted on Gemini black chrome wheels for use on the Traxxas Maxx and Revo vehicles. Use with 17mm splined wheel hubs and nuts. The Talon's unique tread pattern and soft compound rubber delivers excellent grip on a variety of surfaces from pavement to off-road. The outside diameter is the same as a stock Maxx tire but the larger 3.8" wheel diameter provides responsive handling with the low profile sidewall. Match foam inserts are included. Available as assembled and pre-glued with installed foam inserts on Gemini and Split-Spoke rims in a variety of finishes.


  • Rubber construction
  • Talon tread
  • Black chrome nylon wheels
  • 5-spoke design


Outer Diameter: 6" (152mm)
Width: 3.4" (85.75mm)
Hex: 17mm

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