TRA5217 Clutch bell (17-tooth)/5x8x0.5mm fiber washer (2)/ 5mm eclip (requires 5x11x4mm ball bearings part #4611) (1.0 metric pitch)

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Traxxas 17 tooth steel clutch bell. This clutch bell attaches to the adapter unit on the crankshaft, makes contact with the clutch shoes and meshes with the main gear: Fits all Traxxas 1/10 scale nitro vehicles. Replaces worn or damaged clutch bells. Constructed of hardened steel

INCLUDES: One Traxxas 17 Tooth Steel Clutch Bell Two 5mm x 8mm 0.5mm fiber washers Two 5mm E-clips
Requires: Disassembly of flywheel, clutch shoes, and adapter unit Two 5mm x 8mm bearings.

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