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The Pro.15 race engine offers a level of nitro performance excitement to satisfy demanding drivers, who believe you can never have too much horsepower. In a word, the power is simply insane! It fits in the same space and uses the same engine mounts as a .12, but the comparison ends there.

To start with, the Pro.15 has a 20% larger displacement than a .12 engine. It includes such high-tech features as a grooved oil-ring piston for long life, a trick machined aluminum cooling head, ball bearings, and a channelled-beam connecting rod which improves oil flow. The carburetor is all new, with a larger 6mm intake and reuseable low-restriction foam air cleaners. Double o-ring seals on both the high and low-speed needles eliminate power-robbing air leaks.

The Pro.15 is an incredibly rugged and long-lasting powerhouse, with its strict quality control, ABC (aluminum, brass, chrome) construction, and the toughest recoil pull starter in the business.

The Pro.15 comes in four tire-shredding versions, to fit almost any application, including any .12 equipped Traxxas model. Covered by a Two Year Limited Warranty and a Lifetime Engine Replacement Policy.

Note: There are different versions of this engine. This is the TRX Pro .15 with Pull-Start and Short Crankshaft. This does not have the EZ-Start System.

Compatible Products

Traxxas TRX Pro .15 Engine, Short Crank with Pull Start TRA4007 is compatible with¶ÿTRA4109T1,¶ÿTRA4109T2,¶ÿTRA4109T4
Attention all Canadian customer : Traxxas lifetime engine replacement plan is only offered in the lower 48 states and it’s not applicable outside of the USA

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