SPMAS2000LBB 1.9-Gram Linear Long Throw BB Servo

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Key Features

  • Compact footprint
  • JST-SHR connector type
  • Two ball bearings
  • 9.1mm servo throw


The AS2000LBB is a ball-bearing version of the AS2000L servo. It’???s a high performance micro-weight servo used in ultra-micro heli and plane applications and is compatible with the AR6400 series of Spektrum receivers.

Ultra-micro aircraft builders will want the 2000LBB for the better control surface centering and robust action aggressive 3D flight demands.

Detailed Information

Compatible Products

Spektrum 1.9-Gram Linear Long Throw BB Servo SPMAS2000LBB is compatible with¶ôǨBLH3500,¶ôǨBLH3580,¶ôǨBLH3600,¶ôǨBLH3680,¶ôǨBLH5100,¶ôǨBLH5180

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