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One of the main problems we found with stock suspension arms on these trucks is they have excess clearance built into them, making critical settings such as camber, caster & toe angles nearly impossible to lock down.¶ôǨRPM¶ôǨSavage & Savage-X A-arms have been engineered to strict tolerances and in some areas, weÇ?ǩ¶ôÇü’???ve eliminated as much as 0.051’??‹¨« (or in excess of 3/64’??‹¨«) of slop in the suspension system and completely eliminated the need for shim kits! These tighter-tolerance A-arms allow critical suspension settings to remain long after they’???ve been set. Furthermore, our A-arms are still silky smooth throughout the entire range of suspension travel.

Our A-arms are sold in sets, including one lower and two upper A-arms. We supply two upper A-arms to giving the end-user the option of a stock, zero-degree camber angle in a fixed length A-arm, or a negative two-degree camber angle A-arm. Using fixed length upper A-arms instead of adjustable camber A-arms, we keep the weight of our upper A-arms to a minimum while providing the maximum amount of durability youÇ?ǩ¶ôÇü’???ve come to expect from¶ôǨRPMparts!

For all those racers looking to shed some weight, we have you covered! Our A-arms weigh in less than stock Savage A-arms due to our low profile designs. The low profile combined with the beveled leading and trailing edges of the A-arms prevents them from hanging as low as the stock versions and allows the A-arms to ride up and over obstacles versus slamming into them.

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