RPM80792 Rear 11mm Bearing Carriers, Black: Blitz, FS

by RPM
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The stock rear bearings and axle carriers of the HPI Blitz, Blitz ESE, Firestorm 10T, E-Firestorm & E-Firestorm Flux aren’t quite strong enough to handle the punishment HPI owners dish out. Once again, RPM steps in to make a good product infinitely better!

Our primary focus was on a bearing overhaul. Original stock bearings are a 5x10mm design (modern versions of the Blitz and Firestorm use 5x11mm bearings), which is a rather unusual size and according to RPM customer reports, not strong enough for their demands RPM Bearing Carriers use a 5x11mm bearing and if you’???re familiar with the best selling RPM carriers of all time ’ our Traxxas Rustler, Stampede & Slash rear bearing carriers (#80382) ’ that use a 5x11mm bearing, you’ll already know how strong this bearing size really is. The typical bearing load rating difference switching from the stock 10mm bearing to an 11mm bearing nearly doubles the dynamic load rating (from 44kg to 73kg)!

Naturally, while we were building a new axle carrier, we went out of our way to make sure the overall design met standard RPM criteria for strength and durability. What we came up with is nothing but pure RPM muscle, sure to make even the most discerning customer extremely happy!

RPM rear bearing carriers are made from our bulletproof blend of super strong nylons and are factory backed with our industry renowned breakage warranty. Coupled with the fact that we proudly produce every RPM molded product in-house in our facility in Chino, California USA means you’ll end up with superb, extremely high quality RPM products each and every time!

Tech Notes: 5x11x4mm. bearings are not included with these kits (4 bearings are needed for each kit). RPM bearing carriers are stock upgrades for both the Blitz & Blitz ESE while the carriers are upgraded carriers for all versions of the Firestorm (they contain an additional inner camber link position not found on stock Firestorm axle carriers).

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