RPM73932 Adjustable Height Body Mounts, Black: SLH 4x4

by RPM
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RPM Adjustable Height Body Mounts for the Traxxas Slash 4x4 & Stampede 4x4 are designed to give you optional body height positions where stock left you none. Our version of the Slash 4x4 body mount starts off lower than stock by 1/8" (or approx. 3.2mm). We supply a pair of molded spacers to allow you the option of a stock height body position using the thin spacer under the body mount. If monster suspension travel is needed or you just like the higher stance and larger wheel well openings a taller body mount provides, you can increase the height by 1/8" using the thicker of the two spacers. In extreme cases, both spacers may be used for a full 1/4"* (6.35mm) of extra body height.

We weren't solely going for looks either. RPM body mounts are just plain tough! We engineered new, larger ribs into the mounts to provide extra rigidity and support for the body while keeping weight to a minimum. We mold these body mounts in black from our proven-tough blend of engineering-grade materials, which provides extra durability and impact-resistance in the most extreme situations.

What's Included: Each kit contains two body posts, one body mount bracket, two spacers and two M3 x 16mm mounting screws. Two kits will be needed to complete one vehicle.

Tech Notes: RPM Body Mounts can be mounted in either the front or rear location on the Traxxas Slash 4x4. They only fit the rear location on the Stampede 4x4.

* Using both RPM spacers requires longer M3 x 20mm screws (not included).

Quick Notes:

  • replaces stock Traxxas #6815R
  • fits either front or rear location on the Slash 4x4
  • fits the rear location on the Stampede 4x4
  • optional Front Shock Tower also available
  • optional Rear Shock Tower also available

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