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RPM Rock Sliders start with all-new frame-rail mounts that use both the stock screw mount position at the 4-link upper bolts as well as the inner screw holes for the frame brace. This doubles the support for the mounts to help eliminate much of the flex the stock sliders exhibit. Our frame-rail mounts are L-shaped in design with added support ribs, further stabilizing the base support structure of our Rock Sliders.

Our Rock Sliders are designed to resemble full-sized 2" diameter tubes, yet are molded solid from RPM engineering grade nylons for strength and durability unmatched in the R/C world. Each rock slider is designed with built-in kick out at the rear wheel, helping to guide your ride through turns normally too tight to maneuver without catching the rear tires or the bed section of your body. Each RPM Rock Slider is angled upward at 20° to eliminate ground clearance issues and is one of the only sliders available that has vertical as well as lateral adjustments! Do you have your body raised just a little too high for standard sliders? No problem! Our mounting system allows roughly 1/4" (6mm) of upward adjustment and more room to slide them closer to the frame than stock sliders for narrow-bodied applications.

Don't get hung up in the rocks without RPM protecting your doors! RPM Rock Sliders are the only alternative for super lightweight performance at prices lower than stock! Best yet, they're Made in the USA!

Tech Notes: RPM Rock Sliders are designed for all versions of the Axial SCX10 with a minimum wheelbase of 12" (305mm). Shorter versions may encounter interference issues with the rear tires. RPM Rock Sliders replace stock Axial #AX80041 and are tested and guaranteed to fit Axial #AX30502 frame rails only.

Quick Notes:

  • replaces stock Axial #AX80041
  • stable base for less Rock Slider flex
  • full length with included kick-out for body and rear wheel protection

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