PTAPF070010 AR.Drone Charger, Power Supply & Plugs

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This kit includes:

1 power supply (13,5V/0.9A Output)¶ôǨ

1 balance LiPo charger that allows a precise charging of the LiPo battery, managing the charge of each of the 3 cells separately with a 1A max current and maintaining optimum voltage level.¶ôǨ

4 power plug adapters (for the US, UK, EU, Australia, New Zealand, Japan).

Compatible Products

Parrot AR.Drone Charger, Power Supply & Plugs PTAPF070010 is compatible with¶ôǨPTAPF720000,¶ôǨPTAPF720001,¶ôǨPTAPF720002

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