PRO8192-02 R HOLE SHOT T 2.2 TRUCK, M3 (2)

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Key Features
  • Fits any 2.2" Truck wheel
  • Small, Square-lug Technology Throughout
  • Made from M3 (Soft) Compound
  • Made in the USA 
In The Box
  • Hole Shot T tires (2 pcs)
  • Foam inserts (2 pcs)

Key Features

  • Redesigned oversize high density foam inserts perfect for soft tire compounds
  • Available in both Extremely-Soft M3
  • Fits 2.2” truck wheels
  • Foam inserts included


Fits any 2.2” truck wheel. The Hole Shot T's square lugs put you in front on hard packed dusty tracks. Pro-Line's most popular with multi-National Championships in 1998.

Hole Shot T 2.2" M3 Off-Road Truck Rear Tires (2 pcs)

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