PRO115700 Front Mohawk SC 2.2/3 Tires: SLH, SC10, Bl(2)

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Key Features
  • Dual rib design for explosive steering
  • 2.2" outer bead and 3.0" inner bead
  • Closed Cell Insert Included
  • 2.2 outer bead and 3.0 inner bead
  • For use with Pro-Line 2.2"/ 3.0" Wheels 
In The Box
  • Mohawk SC Tires (2 pcs)
  • Closed Cell Inserts (2 pcs)

Key Features

  • Long lasting molded foam Insert
  • Dual rib design for explosive steering
  • 2.2 outer bead and 3.0 outer bead
  • Works on glueable wheels and Pro-Line Bead-Loc wheels


If sand and snow is your fix and you've gone with the Sling Shot SC rear tire, then the Mohawk SC is the perfect compliment. A large center rib and smaller outer rib give your Short Course truck immediate steering.

What's included:
Mohawk SC Tires (2 pcs)
Molded Foam Inserts (2 pcs)

Height: 4.47" (114mm)
Width: 1.70" (43mm)
Mounting Bead: 2.2" x 3.0" (56mm x 76mm)

Sand 2 Snow


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