NGH-LCD-8 8'' FPV Display

Inventory :
This 7" FPV display specifically designed for FPV purposes as this display will not go "blue screen" when the wireless signal drops out for a few seconds. This is the first ground station monitor, designed specially for FPV outdoor use. With its high resolution (800*480), high contrast ratio (500:1) and brightness of 400cd/ ? this is really the best choice for theFPV flyer who chooses to fly with a monitor instead of goggles.

The display is a 16:9 aspect ratio, but the incoming video can be configured to 16:9 or 4:3 mode the latter leaving 2 black stripes on the left and right side. See the images below.

The included sun shade, allows to lock the sun out and improve the FPV experience.

The monitor is equipped with 1/4-20 thread mounting hole on the bottom, so it can be easily mounted on a tripod.

Panel size: 7.0 inch¶ôǨ
Panel type: TFT LCD¶ôǨ
Resolution: 800Ç??480¶ôǨ
Backlight: LED¶ôǨ
Horizontal frequency range: 30~ 60 kHz¶ôǨ
Field frequency range: 50 ~75 Hz¶ôǨ
Dot pitch: 0.0642(W)Ç??0.1790(H)mm¶ôǨ
Display ratio: 16:9¶ôǨ
Brightness: 400cd/?¶ôǨ
Contrast ratio: 500 :1¶ôǨ
Response time: 15 ms¶ôǨ
Viewing angle: 70¶ôÇ÷/70¶ôÇ÷(L/R) 50¶ôÇ÷/60¶ôÇ÷(U/D)¶ôǨ
Power requirement, input voltage: DC 6 ~18V middle pin positive¶ôǨ
Power consumption: ? 5W¶ôǨ
Operation temperature range: -20?~60?¶ôǨ
Storage temperature range: -30?~70?¶ôǨ
Dimension Unit size: 182(L)Ç??127(W)Ç??32(H) mm¶ôǨ
Unit weight: 363 g

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