HAN5065 Hangar 9 Carbon Cub 15cc ARF


Key Features:

  • Laser-cut, all-wood construction thatƒ??s lightweight
  • Shock-absorbing main landing gear and tundra-style wheels
  • Two-piece, plug-in wing with functional flaps
  • Quick-connect, streamlined wing struts
  • Functional LED landing lights, installed
  • Operational cockpit side-doors
  • Instrument details and seats included
  • Float ready, with hard points for optional 1/5-scale float set
  • Matching paint on fiberglass cowl and accessories
  • Pre-cut hinge locations for all control surfaces
  • Genuine UltraCote¶© film finish
  • Tail wire detail and a leaf tail wheel
  • Easy installation of engine or electric power recommendations
  • Complete hardware package featuring fiberglass control horns


  • Wingspan:¶ÿ90 in (228 cm)
  • Overall Length:¶ÿ60 in (153 cm)
  • Wing Area:¶ÿ1170 sq in (75.5 sq dm)
  • Flying Weight:¶ÿ11.4 lb (5.2 kg)
  • Engine Size:¶ÿ15cc 2-stroke gas/petrol
  • Motor Size:¶ÿPower 60
  • Radio:¶ÿ6+ Channel, full-range transmitter and receiver
  • Servos:¶ÿ7 Standard digital servos (6 for electric)
  • Trim Scheme Colors:¶ÿCub Yellow U884, Black U874, Silver U881
  • CG (center of gravity):¶ÿ4.0-4.7 in (100-120mm)
  • Wing Loading:¶ÿ22.4 oz/ sq in
  • Prop Size:¶ÿ15x6-15x7 (15cc gas), 16x10E (EP)
  • Spinner Size:¶ÿ2-3/4 inch (70.0 mm)
  • Speed Control :¶ÿHV 80 AMP
  • Recommended Battery:¶ÿ5000mAh 6S 22.2V Li-Po
  • Flaps:¶ÿYes
  • Control Throw (Ailerons):¶ÿLow: Up 13mm and down 11mm, 20% Expo/ High: Up 22mm and down 18mm, 30% Expo
  • Control Throw (Elevator):¶ÿLow: Up 20mm and down 15mm, 20% Expo/ High: Up 30mm and down 25mm, 30% Expo
  • Control Throw (Rudder):¶ÿLow: left 33mm and right 33mm, 20% Expo/ High: Left 55mm and right 55mm, 30% Expo
  • Control Throw (Flaps):¶ÿMid: 7/8 in (22mm)/ Landing: Adjust Maximun throw without binding
  • Approx. Flying Duration:¶ÿ12 to 15 minutes
  • Scale:¶ÿ1:5 (20%)
  • Experience Level:¶ÿIntermediate
  • Recommended Environment:¶ÿOutdoor
  • Assembly Time:¶ÿ20+Hours
  • Is Assembly Required:¶ÿYes

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