EFLDF32 Delta-V (R) 32 80mm EDF Unit

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Key Features

  • High-performance, efficient design with quick assembly time
  • Injection-molded, high-strength fiberglass-filled polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) plastic
  • Factory-balanced 80mm 5-blade rotor design and aluminum spinner
  • Includes center body fairing to reduce drag


The E-flite¶ô¶¸¶ôǨDelta-V¶ô¶¸¶ôǨ32 80mm EDF electric ducted fan unit is an ideal choice for products such as the E-flite Habu 32¶ôǨDF and other similar-sized ducted fan airplanes. The Delta-V¶ôǨ32 80mm EDF is also an ideal choice for ducted fan airplanes requiring 80mm diameter fan units. The BL32 Ducted Fan Brushless Motor, 2150Kv (EFLM3032DFA) is purpose-built for this Delta-V¶ôǨ32 80mm EDF, and both products will provide great performance.

This product is not intended for use by children under 14 years of age without direct adult supervision.

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