DUMA230 Dumas Products Inc. DH-2 Beaver Airplane


Key Features:

  • Stick and Tissue construction, many small sticks glued together to form the airplane and then covered with tissue paper
  • Over 80 laser-cut parts and hand selected balsa 
  • Lightweight white tissue paper covering
  • Full size plan and step-by-step instructions 
  • Plastic propeller 
  • FAI Tan II Contest Rubber Bands


  • Full size plans, step-by-step instructions, balsa sticks, laser-cut balsa sheets, plastic propeller, float gear, tissue paper, rubber bands and clear plastic for windshield


  • Hobby knife, razor blade, scissors, plan protector, needle nose pliers/wire cutters, CA glue, sandpaper, white glue or 1/8" paint brush


  • Wingspan: 18" (457mm)

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