PRB08043T2 ProBoat Blackjack 42 BL 8s SMART RTR(White)parts # SPMXPS8HC is recommended to run the boat

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SPMXPS8HC is recommended to run the boat
 *   Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Hull: Two-piece shoe box construction for extreme hull durability. Molded composite material is much more impact resistant than fiberglass.
 *   Polycarbonate Canopy: Durable 2.5mm polycarbonate provides a watertight seal and the thumb screws means no tape is necessary to retain hull on to hull.
 *   Spektrum Marine 4685 4 Pole, Water Cooled Motor: Rated at over 5 horsepower with 85%+ efficiency, this powerful 8S capable brushless and waterproof motor provides more than enough torque to hit 55+ MPH.
 *   Spektrum Smart 160A High Voltage, Water Cooled ESC: Able to handle all the power needed, it is programmable, water cooled, waterproof, and Smart.
 *   Aluminum Propeller Strut and Rudder:  Both the propeller and rudder feature anodized aluminum. The runner has a special break away feature that protects the hull from damage in case floating debris is struck.
 *   S904 1/6 Scale WP Digital Servo: The high torque digital servo provides all the necessary power. Waterproofing makes sure the servo is up to the task of being in a boat without the risk of failure do to getting wet.
 *   Boat Stand: This custom molded plastic stand fits perfectly to the contour of the hull providing a rock stable platform to display or work on your boat. This boat stand will last for the life of your boat without the need to worry about water rotting a wooden stand.

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