CARRERA 30355 Lap Counter

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Only in combination with Control Unit 30352!

  • NEW! Direct link-up to the Control Unit (no additional track required)
  • NEW! Stopwatch - also in the pit lane (only with Pit Lane 30356)
  • NEW! Car position information on the display
  • NEW! Backlite display for improved legibility
  • Position listing, fastest lap, total race time, time gap to the leader.
  • Stopwatch times for 6 cars - accurate to 1/1000 sec.
  • Training and racing modes
  • Racing modes divided into lap and timebased racing
  • Lap limit races from 0 to 9999 laps
  • Time runs from 00:00’???01’???’??? to 99:59’???59’???’??? hours


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