Carrera 30353 Driver Display, Digital 124/132

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Driver Display, Digital 124/132

The PDF link below explains all the new Carrera digital track items. You must have the 30352 control unit to operate the other items.
Feature Guide (pdf)

(Only in combination with Control Unit 30352 and Pit Lane 30356 or Pit Stop Adapter Unit 30361)
* LED-display shows tank capacity and allocation of cars as well as your position in the race
* LED-control display for up to 3 pit stops in the Pit Lane 30356
* LED-display shows the running steps (speed) of your car. display.
* Ability to manage 6 racers on 1 unit, however, for optimum race enjoyment it is recommended to use a separate Driver Display for each racer. This avoids a change between car addresses having to be made while running.

* Driver Display
* 1 - Standard Straight (13.58 inches)
* Adapter Unit and 2 end pieces

Further instruction and demonstration of the Driver Display (youtube) Created by Carrera of America

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