AR220037 Shock Maintenance Set Nero (4)

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This high-quality shock maintenance set provides replacement parts for your kit supplied items. This set contains items that will service two shocks.


Precision manufactured shock bladders for consistent shock set-up and hassle-free servicing - High-quality rubber O-rings for reliable sealing of shocks - Precision manufactured shock shaft lock nuts for secure assembly and increased durability in extreme conditions - Precision manufactured button head screws for fast and easy shock cap bleed screw adjustments - Service two shocks and refresh your O-rings and bladders for continued optimum performance




4 x¶ôǨNylon nuts -¶ôǨM2.5

4 x¶ôǨShock bladders

4 x Shock washers

4 x¶ôǨO-ring 11x1mm

4 x¶ôǨO-ring 18x1mm

4 x¶ôǨM2x5mm button head screw

8 x¶ôǨO-ring 4x2mm

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