FRU2048 Ultima LED Light System for Tegu Main Board: Tegu V1

by Furitek
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In The Box
  • (1) White LED Wire
  • (1) Red LED Wire
  • (1) Cable Connector


Furitek Ultima Led system provides ultimate experience for the 1/24 and 1/18 scale trucks. It is compatible only with Furitek Tegu main board. With plug and play, it is very easy to install and setup via Furitek smartphone app. The Furitek Ultima Led system has a lot of lighting effects. The best feature is that the light brightness is higher gradually with the increase of throttle. It has both front and tail led with different colors. It replicates the real truck lighting effects. When braking or stopping, it is brighter than when driving. Or it can be changed to blinking when stop through smartphone app.

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