Parts and Accessories

LOS15000 On/Off Swtich and Wiring Harness: MTXL
LOS200000 1/24 4WD Micro SCTE Painted Body Red
LOS200001 1/24 4WD Micro Rally X Painted Body Red
LOS201000 Chassis Set Micro SCTE, Rally X
LOS210000 Body Painted: Mini 8T
LOS210001  Clear Body Set: Mini 8T
LOS210002 Body Painted, Blue: Mini 8 AVC
LOS210006 Body Set Painted: 1/14 Mini Rally
LOS210007 Body Set Clear: 1/14 Mini Rally
LOS210008 Body Set Painted:1/14 Mini Desert Truck
LOS211000 Front/Rear Shock Tower Set: Mini 8T
LOS211001 Main Chassis: Mini 8T
LOS211002 Chassis Guard Set: Mini 8T
LOS211003 Upper Deck Support, Body Mounts: Mini 8T
LOS211004 Steering Hardware Set: Mini 8T
LOS211005 Main Chassis: Mini 8 AVC
LOS211006 Upper Deck and Support Set: Mini 8 AVC
LOS211007 Servo Saver and Bellcrank Set: Mini 8 AVC
LOS212000 Drive Shaft Set: Mini 8T
LOS212001 Dogbone Set (4): Mini 8T
LOS212002 Axle Set (2): Mini 8T
LOS212004 Drive Shaft Set: Mini 8 AVC
LOS212007 Pinion Gear 14T, 1/8" Shaft: Mini 8IGHT
LOS214000 Front/Rear Suspension Arm Set: Mini 8T
LOS214001 Turnbuckle Set (6): Mini 8T
LOS214002 Hinge Pin Set (4): Mini 8T
LOS216001 Body Clips (6):Mini
LOS217000 Bearing Set: Mini 8T
LOS230004 Body Set, Losi Scheme,Painted: XXX-SCT
LOS230005 LED Light Board and Light Bar Housing: NCR2.0
LOS230007 Body Set, Painted: Night Crawler 2.0
LOS230008 Body Set, Clear: Night Crawler 2.0