TRA71054-1 ORANGE E-REVO 1/16 4WD Brushed RTR Truck or this model(Bigger comparable truck ARA102714T2 with a 2 year warranty on ELECTRONICS)

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1/16th E-Revo Brushed (#71054-1) Action (Green)

This product is not shippable to the USA

***This comes with a DC power supply if you require and do not have a DC power supply which is also the old cigarette lighter in a car but a separate power supply you may require this part number tra2976 Listed on our website you can also go with a separate charger which charged his performance batteries or the stock battery that plugs into AC current in the house the part number for that charger is tra2970 If you have any other questions feel free to reach out to our technical support text phone number anytime with any questions 

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