TRA70054-1 MIKE 1/16 Slash 4x4 RTR, w/TQ2.4 GHz or this model (Bigger comparable truck ARA4203V3T1 with a 2 year warranty on ELECTRONICS)

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    • Key Features:

        • NEW¶ôǨ2amp Peak Detecting DC Fast Charger
        • NEW Traxxas Power Cell NiMH battery with iDTM
        • Powerful Titan12-Turn 550 modified motor
        • Race-winning, F1-inspired Revo¶ô¶¸ suspension technology and integrated chassis design, perfectly optimized for 1/16 scale
        • XL-2.5 Waterproof Electronic Speed Control Innovative waterproof design
        • LiPo, NiCad, and NiMH compatible with two-stage low-voltage detection
        • Fully-proportional forward, reverse, and braking control
        • Programmable with three drive profiles:
        • Sport Mode Fwd / Brake / Rev
        • Race Mode  Fwd / Brake
        • Patented Training Mode  50% Fwd / Brake / 50% Rev
        • EZ-Set push-button setup
        • Multi-color LED
        • Thermal shutdown protection
        • Efficient, low-loss MOSFET design
        • High-capacity heat sink
        • Smooth, high-frequency operation
        • Easy installation in Traxxas models
        • Patented Traxxas High-Current Connector allows high-capacity battery packs to deliver maximum voltage to the Velineon Brushless Power System
        • Digital High-Torque Waterproof Micro Steering Servo
        • Waterproof, o-ring sealed receiver box
        • Traxxas 3-channel micro receiver
        • Sealed, silicone-filled differentials an industry first in 1/16 scale
        • Torque-Control  slipper clutch system
        • Telescoping universal-joint driveshafts
        • Rubber-sealed ball bearings
        • External gear cover with easy slipper access
        • Rocker-actuated shocks provide true progressive damping and spring rates
        • Threaded-body, oil-filled shocks permit fast, precise preload adjustments and deliver smooth, consistent damping
        • Fiber-composite monocoque chassis
        • Speed control and receiver are securely fastened to chassis
        • Integrated battery compartments with intake and exit cooling vents
        • Quick-release battery doors for fast pack changes
        • Scale all-terrain front and rear tires offer superior on- and off-road traction
        • Pre-glued all-terrain tires with high-performance foam inserts
        • Satin-chrome beadlock-style wheels
        • Available in Race Replica versions with officially licensed paint and graphics: Mike Jenkins Edition (Traxxas #47), Mark Jenkins Edition (Traxxas #25), Scott Douglas (AMSOIL), or Greg Adler Edition (4 Wheel Parts)
        • TQ 2.4GHz Transmitter
        • Full line of genuine Traxxas accessories available
        • 1/16 Slash 4X4 is backed by unparalleled Traxxas support and parts availability

    This product is not shippable to the USA

    ***This comes with a DC power supply if you require and do not have a DC power supply which is also the old cigarette lighter in a car but a separate power supply you may require this part number tra2976 Listed on our website you can also go with a separate charger which charged his performance batteries or the stock battery that plugs into AC current in the house the part number for that charger is tra2970 If you have any other questions feel free to reach out to our technical support text phone number anytime with any questions 

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