TRA6468 Tire glue, TRX ultra premium

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This is the 0.7oz (20g) bottle of Traxxas Ultra Premium tire glue.


  • Certified for use with the Traxxas XO-1 on road car
  • Withstands centrifugal forces at speeds in excess of 100mph
  • Cyanoacrylate (CA) type glue
  • Sealing pin designed into cap prevents clogging

Includes: 0.7oz (20g) bottle of Tire Glue and two Applicator Tips

Note: Avoid contact with eyes and skin. If eye contact occurs, do not force eyelids open. Wash with warm water then apply a gauze patch and seek medical attention. If skin contact occurs, soak in warm soapy water and avoid use of excessive force to free bonded area. Gently pry fingers apart with the aid of a blunt instrument such as a spoon handle or paperclip. Call a physician if irritation occurs and persists. Keep out of reach of children and use in a well ventilated space.

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