TOPA0135 P-47D Thunderbolt Gold Edition Kit .61-.90

by Top Flite

Key Features:

  • CAD engineered parts make building a breeze  
  • Custom designed Selig airfoils improve flight performance


  • All the wood to build the kit, plastic cowling, clear canopy, nylon engine mount (adjustable), decal sheet, pushrods, rolled plans, building instruction book, CA hinges, and miscellaneous hardware.


  • .61-.90 2-stroke or .91-.1.20 4-stroke Engine  
  • 4-7 Channel Radio 
  • 4-8 servos (2 servos for flaps, 1 for retracts, and 1 for bomb drops)
  • 3-Rolls of Covering and Matching Paint 
  • Building and Field Equipment


  • Wing span: 63"                       Wing area: 713  Length: 55"
  • Wing Loading: 27-32oz/sq ft   Weight: 8-10lbs          CG: 3-5/8" back 
  • Airfoils: Root S8036                Tip S8037                   from LE