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TOPA0110 P-51D Mustang .60 Gold Edition Kit

TOPA0110 P-51D Mustang .60 Gold Edition Kit

Top Flite

  • 32199

Key Features:

  • Realistic scale details: Vacuum-Formed Canopy with Molded-In Relief Detail and Vacuum-Formed Exhaust Ports, Machine Gun Exits and Cowl-Halves molded from ABS are accurately reproduced and make it easy for the average modeler to achieve stunning results.
  • The same Fine Quality Materials, Simplified Construction Methods and step-by-step Instructions as all Gold Edition kits. 
  • Two-piece, Molded Oil-Cooler Scoop seams on the centerline and has a die-cut internal structure for a very close to scale appearance. 
  • Two huge sheets of excellent, high quality decals included for "Big Beautiful Doll" scheme (but does NOT include the checkerboard cowl decal). 
  • Fuselage has a very accurate, exact scale outline with scale tail-wheel location. 
  • Fully-Sheeted Fully-Symmetrical Wing w/Excellent Flight Performance.


  • All Balsa and Plywood to Complete the kit, Clear Canopy, ABS Cowling and Detailing parts, Wire Landing Gear, Decals, Illustrated Instruction Manual, CAD-produced Rolled Plans, Pushrods, and Hardware.


  • .60-.90 (2-stroke) or .90-1.20 (4-stroke) Engine 
  • 4-6 Channel Radio (5th & 6th channels for retracts and/or flaps) 
  • 4-7 Servos  
  • Engine Mount, Fuel Tank, 4" Spinner, 3¼"-4" Main Wheels, 1¼" Tailwheel, Wheel Collars, Fuel Tubing, Foam Rubber, Building and Field Equipment 
  • Two Rolls of Covering (plus trim colors)


  • Wingspan:  65"            CG: 3-7/8" back from Leading Edge Break 
  • Wing Area: 734 sq inches     (LE break is point where LE goes from
  • Weight:    8-10lbs           steep sweep near fuse to shallow angle)
  • Length:    56.5"          (throws are listed below:) 
  • Wing Loading: 25 to 30oz/sq ft   
  • Scale: 1:7   
  • Degrees Incidence: Engine Thrust:  1.75° down,  1.6° right          
                                    Stabilizer:     0°                                
                                    Wing:          .5°  
  • Control Throws- High        Low                  
             Elevator:   11/16"      7/16"                 
             Rudder:     1-1/8"      7/8"                  
             Ailerons:   11/16"      1/2"                  
             Flaps:      1-1/16"     1-11/16"

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