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This is the Team Orion Vortex R10 Pro 2-3S Brushless ESC. With the Vortex R-Series product family Team Orion presents brushless speed control technology at its best. Developed by World Champions the new ESC's are unifying unbeatable performance with outstanding drivability and robustness.¶ôǨ

Outstanding Drivability¶ôǨ
Brushless motors deliver incredible power. Combined with the latest LiPo battery technology, the drivability has become an issue. Not with the Vortex R-Series speed controls; they are optimized to handle the power and give maximum control to the driver.¶ôǨ

Ultimate Power¶ôǨ
The Vortex R-Series speed controls deliver maximum power whenever you need it. Unique software, integrated power capacitors and high quality FET's have been developed to get what R/C drivers want; power, robustness and drivabilty!¶ôǨ

For High Power Batteries¶ôǨ
The R-Series speed controls have been specifically developed to get maximum power out of standard batteries as well as new generation batteries with a C-Rate of 70C or more. With the Vortex R speed controls you get the best device for your motors and batteries.¶ôǨ

Developed by World Champions¶ôǨ
You can have the best engineers if you don't understand what is needed at the racing track. Team Orion has an international racing team including World Champions. Only with their input was it possible to develp the best Orion Electronic Speed Controls ever.¶ôǨ

Super Push Brake Technology¶ôǨ
Orion was not only working on the power output of the speed controls, but also on the best feel of the brake. The new super push brake technology gives maximum of braking power. The brakes are always under your control and give outstanding feedback and feeling.¶ôǨ

Easy Setup¶ôǨ
Some products deliver outstanding performance but are just too complicated to be used at the track on a hectic racing day. The Team Orion speed controls can be easily set-up and are highly programmable. You can find a setting for every track condition.¶ôǨ


  • Sensor and Sensorless Technology With Ultimate Throttle Control
  • Available For Sensor And Sensorless 2/4-Pole Motors
  • Super Push Brake Technology For Improved Braking Power And Feeling
  • Adjustable Forward/Reverse Or Forward/Brake Function
  • Many Adjustable Software Parameters
  • High Flow Cooling Fan And Large Size Heatsink For Improved Cooling
  • Large Size Integrated Capacitors
  • Compact And Robust Carbon Look ABS Case
  • Heavy Duty 10G Silicone Wire
  • High Power Connectors
  • Updgradeable Software
  • Latest Brushless Technology With Improved Function And Efficiency
  • Great Throttle/Brake Feeling And Control
  • Easy Setup Using The Switch Setup Button
  • Software With Many Adjustable Parameters For Fine Tuning
  • LED And Audio Tone For Status Control High Grade Components With Low Resistance Automatic Battery Cut-Off System
  • High Power Connectors
  • Highly Customizable Software
  • Easy To Use¶ôǨ

Constant/Peak Amps:¶ôǨ160A/760A¶ôǨ
Resistance:¶ôǨ0.0003 ohm¶ôǨ
Function:¶ôǨForward/Brake, Forward/Brake/Reverse, Forward/Reverse (for rock crawlers)¶ôǨ
Car Type:¶ôǨ1/12 on road, 1/10 on road & off road, rock crawler¶ôǨ
Motor Type:¶ôǨ2S up to 2.5T, 3S up to 5.5T up to 16,000kV¶ôǨ
Battery Type:¶ôǨ5-9 Cells NiMH-NiCd, 2-3 Cells LiPo-LiFe¶ôǨ
BEC:¶ôǨ5.75V/3A Linear Mode¶ôǨ
Size:¶ôǨ41.5x30.5x20.2mm w/o fan¶ôǨ

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