MPUA4284 Tucan Kit Aerobatic Low Wing Sport Flyer Kit

by Muliplex USA

Key Features:

  • Construction: Elapor foam, white in color with birch plywood side panels in fuselage 
  • Wings: Two-piece Elapor foam with birch plywood reinforcement, carbon reinforced plastic spar 
  • Aileron Control Dual servo 
  • Spinner: White plastic 2.2" (55mm)  
  • Landing Gear: Fixed tricycle type with 2.2" (56mm) rubber wheels may be fitted with optional retracts
  • Canopy: Vacuum molded smoke tinted plastic


  • Multiplex Tucan Aerobatic Airplane Kit, with Canopy, Decals, Plywood Reinforcements and Instruction Manual


  • Radio: 6-channel with receiver  
  • Servos: Five micro with metal gears   
  • 12" (300mm) Servo Extensions: Four   
  • Motor: Multiplex offers the #33 3663 Power Set (not carried) that includes a HIMAX C 3528-1000, 55A ESC, LiPo Battery, Propeller and hardware
  • Battery: 3S 11.1V, (The Multiplex #15 7371 battery is recommended but not carried by us. The FlightPower Pro 50 3600mAh 3S 11.1V (FPWP5080) is compatible. If using the ESC in the #33 3663 Power Set, the battery connector must be changed to a Dean's Ultra Male (WSDM1302) to mate with this battery. 
  • Battery Charger: Compatible with selected battery 
  • LiPo charging bag  
  • Building and field equipment


  • Wingspan: 51.2" (1300mm)  
  • Overall Length: 43.7" (1110mm)   
  • Total Weight: 65.2oz (1850g)  
  • Wing Area: 496 sq in (32 sq dm)
  • Wing Loading: 19 oz/sq ft (58 g/sq dm) 
  • Configuration: Low wing  
  • Airfoil: Semi symmetrical 
  • Center of Gravity: 3.5" (90mm) aft of the wing root leading edge measured at the fuselage
  • Control Throws-                                                     
    Elevator: Up 0.39" (10mm), Down 0.31" (8mm) 20% Expo              
    Rudder: Right to Left 0.59" (15mm) 10% Expo                       
    Ailerons: Up 0.59" (15mm), Down 0.47" (12mm) 20% Expo             
    Nosewheel: 0.31, 031" (8, 8mm)