MPU214226 Multiplex Modelsport USA Easy Glider Pro ARF

by Muliplex USA

Key Features:

  • Low sink rate
  • Can be ballasted to expand the airspeed range
  • Landing aid - both ailerons raised
  • Pre-fabricated molded ELAPOR® parts
  • Convenient method of aileron servo connection when the wings are fitted
  • Two-part wing with removable spar joiner for easy transportation

Needed to Complete:

Required Radio

  • 5 Channel Radio System
  • 2 16" Servo Extensions and Y-Harness for Aileron Servos
  • 2 Micro, 2 Nano Servos

For Electric Powered:

  • Easy Glider Electric Power Pack (M993207)
  • Lipo Battery
  • LiPo Charger

For Glider Only:

  • NiMH Receiver Battery 1800mAh
  • Switch Harness with Charge Jack
  • Launching Kit

Other Required Items:

  • Medium CA Glue and Activator (Not Foam Safe)
  • Scissors, balsa knife, side-cutters

What's in the box:

  • (1) Easy Glider Pro Kit
  • (1) User Manual