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GPMA0492 SlowPoke Sport .40 Size Kit

GPMA0492 SlowPoke Sport .40 Size Kit

Great Planes

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Key Features:

  • Easy-To-Build, with CAD-Engineered, Precisely Interlocking Construction Allows the Slow Poke to be Ready-To-Cover in Only A Single Weekend with Very Little Carving or Shaping.  
  • Comes With Premium-Quality Hardware Package  
  • Flies Well Using Economical Engines, Which Bolt Onto A Supplied Plate So No Additional Mount Is Required     
  • The Polyhedral Wing With Its Flat-Bottom Airfoil Builds As Three Sections. It Offers Huge Wing Area - As Much As Some .60 Size Models - For A Very Light Wing Loading and Impressive Lifting Power. This Also Lets You Slow To A Crawl For An Easy Touchdown.
  • Ailerons offer the aerobatic capabilities for performing rolls, loops and other maneuvers. 
  • Handles Extremely Easy On The Ground With Wide-Stance Wire Main Gear.
  • Generously Sized Radio Compartment Allows For Easy Receiver, Battery and Servo Installation.  
  • Compact Size Is Convenient To Transport and Well-Suited For Flying At Small Sites Being Slow and Easy-To-Fly.   
  • Any Modeler With Intermediate Building Experience Can Enjoy This Kit.


  • All Wood To Build The Kit, Full Size Rolled Plans, Photo Illustrated Instruction Manual w/Reference Plans, Clear Windshield, CA Hinges, Engine Mounting Plates, Hardware Package, Decal Sheet.


  • Engine: .32-.46 (5.25-7.5cc)(2-stroke) or .48-.52 (6.5-8.5cc)(4-strk)
  • Radio:  4 Channel w/5 Standard or Mini Servos
  • Covering: Three 6-Foot Rolls with Matching Paint  
  • Misc. Items: Propeller, 3" Main Wheels, 1" Tailwheel, 10oz Fuel Tank. 1/2" Foam Rubber, Fuel Tubing, 2-1/2" Spinner, 1/5th Scale Pilot, 3/32" & 5/32" Wheel Collars, Building and Field Equipment.


  • Wingspan: 61.5" (1560mm) 
  • Wing Area: 1076 sq in (69.4 sq dm)
  • Wing Loading: 13-14.25oz/sq ft (40-43g/sq dm) 
  • Weight: 6-6.5lbs (2720-2950g) 
  • Length: 49" (1245mm) 
  • Airfoil: Flat-Bottom, Low-Wing 
  • Center of Gravity: 4-5/8" Back from the Leading Edge of Wing. 
  • Degrees Incidence- 
  • Stabilizer: 0°
  • Wing: 0° 
  • Control Throws:        High Rate          Low Rate 
  • Elevator: Up & Down   7/16"               ¼"  
  • Ailerons: Up & Down        1"               ¾" 
  • Rudder: Left & Right      1½"

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