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GPMA0210 Super Sportster .60 Size Kit

GPMA0210 Super Sportster .60 Size Kit

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Key Features:

  • A thick symmetrical airfoil for good wind penetration & slow landings
  • Constructed of balsa, plywood, and hardwoods


  • Nylon motor mount, prebent main landing gear, tail wheel wire, clear plastic canopy, vacuum-formed ABS plastic wheel pants, hardware, full size plans, and photo-illustrated instructions.


  • Engine: .45-.61 (2-stroke) or .60-.91 (4-stroke) (or even a .65 bushinged engine like the .65LA)
  • Radio: 4 channel with four standard servos                           
  • Covering: Two 6' rolls 
  • Misc. Items: 14oz fuel tank, fuel tubing, pushrods, clevises, hinges, 2¾" treaded wheels, 1¼" tailwheel, assorted hardware, and various field and building equipment.


  • Items needed to convert this plane to electric:  
  • Motor: Sport Application, FUN400-36                                  
               Power Application, FUN480-33 
  • Battery: Sport Application, 30A @ 7 cells (8.4V) Smile/Jazz ESC      
                 Power Application, 32A @ 8 cells (9.2V) Smile/Jazz ESC     
                                                40A @ 10 cells (12V), RC 1600s Jazz 
  • Aeronaut Prop: Sport Application, 12x8                              
                              Power Application, 12x7
  • APC Prop: Sport Application, 12x8E (APCQ4133)                        
                      Power Application, 12x6E (APCQ4130) 
  • Speed Control: Jazz 40-6-18 
  • Gear Drive:    KPG 25 4.2:1

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