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GPMA0156 ElectriCub II Kit

GPMA0156 ElectriCub II Kit

Great Planes

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Key Features:

  • Improved design with new CAD engineering provides easy, perfectly interlocking construction for a quick building, light weight, yet strong airframe assembly. 
  • In addition to rudder control, this model also includes ailerons. Now adventurous pilots can easily perform basic aerobatic maneuvers and coordinated turns. 
  • Motor mount accepts direct drive or gear drive motors. The motor is not included, but this allows the modeler to choose from a variety of options such as direct drive, gear drive or gear drive with   
  • Electronic Speed Control, all offered from Great Planes.  
  • Semi-scale details include clear, precision-formed cabin windows 
  • Access the 7-cell NiCd battery easily from the compartment on the underside of the fuselage.  No disassembly or wing removal is required. Simply pop out the pack, recharge and get right back in the air.
  • Bolt-on wing mounting lets you quickly and easily remove the wing for travel, then reattach it securely in no time at the flying field. 
  • Replica engine cylinder heads, authentic Cub markings and a one-piece ABS cowling are all included. 
  • The Piper J-3 ElectriCub's flat-bottom wing has just enough dihedral for comforting low-speed stability. 
  • Hand-launched, runway-land Electric Cub 
  • 90-Day Warranty


  • 1/8" wire landing gear, hardware package, all balsa and plywood to build the kit, ABS plastic cowling with dummy engine, full size rolled plans, photo illustrated instruction manual with plan reference, decals, clear butyrate canopy and side windows.


  • Radio: 4 channel w/4 mini servos (or 3 mini servos and Electronic Speed Control) 
  • Motor: Speed 600 size or Speed 600 size with gear drive system
  • Battery: 7-Cell (8.4V NiCd) at least 1700mAh 
  • Charger: for 7 Cell Batteries (Peak Charger Recommended) 
  • Covering: Two 6 foot rolls and matching paint for cowl
  • Misc items: two 2" Ultralite wheels, one ¾" tailwheel, 1/16" and 1/8" wheel collars, foam Rubber, 1/6 scale pilot, assorted building and field equipment.


  • Wingspan: 58.75" (1490mm)  
  • Wing Area: 471.5 sq in (30.4 sq dm)
  • Wing Loading: 16-17oz/sq ft (49-52g/sq dm) 
  • Fuselage Length: 37" (940mm) 
  • Weight: 3.25-3.5lb (1470-1590g)  
  • Airfoil: Flat-bottom, high-wing
  • Center of gravity: 2-7/8" back from the leading edge of wing at fuse (not from inside the windshield area) 
  • Control Throws-              High Rate              Low Rate
  • Elevator: Up and Down   ¾"                         5/8" 
  • Ailerons:                    Up ½"  Down 3/8" Up  3/8"  Down ¼"   
  • Rudder: Left and Right    ¾"                          ½"   
  • Note: If your radio does not have dual rates, we recommend setting the throws between the low and high rate amount.   
  • Incidence- Wing: +2° 
  • Stabilizer: +3° with the aft deck base at 0°
  • Motor: 4° down thrust and 2° right thrust

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