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EFL1375 E-flite Carbon-Z® T-28 PNP


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Key Features:

  • Easy to complete final assembly
  • Tricycle electric retractable landing gear (installed)
  • Operational flaps with individual servos (installed)
  • Rigid Carbon-Z® construction for a rigid airframe
  • Scale appearance with cockpit and radial engine detail
  • Powerful 60-size brushless power system (installed)
  • 7 × High-quality, metal-gear servos (installed)
  • Accepts a range of 6S 22.2V Li-Po batteries from 3500–5000mAh
  • Large canopy hatch with latch closure
  • Two-piece, bolt-on wings and stabilizers
  • Vivid trim scheme with U.S. Navy inspired graphics
  • 2-blade propeller (included)
  • Flat-style pin hinges on the ailerons, rudder and elevator
  • Scale landing gear strut details and two-piece main gear doors

Needed to Complete:

  • Full-Range 6 channel 2.4GHz transmitter with programmable dual rates and exponential
  • 6-Channel Receiver
  • 6-cell Li-Po battery balancing charger
  • 5000mAh 22.2V 6S 30C Li-Po Battery

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