CAR41373 Ferrari 458 Italia GT2 "AF Corse, No.71"

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Hot tempered

Here a double whammy! Firstly, there's 6250 rpm and 465 bhp - then there's the stunning design that guarantees a spine-tingling ride! Driving finesse and a love of speed are your guarantees for a place on the podium. And that's good for you, because the AF Corse Team has high expectations of its drivers.

Absolute passion for motor racing is reflected in the looks of the faithfully reproduced Carrera DIGITAL 143 Ferrari 458 Italia GT2 AF Corse No.71 slotcar. Digital controls also make this Carrera car a technically convincing proposition. This Carrera car is robustly built for a perfect drive for racers of 6 years and upwards.

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