CAR30769 Audi R8 LMS "Audi Sport Team, No.28"

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Straight onto the podium

First ever 24-hour race - first victory! The Audi Sport Team WRT triumphed with the R8 LMS No. 28 at the long distance classic around the N€ªrburgring circuit. After a heart-stopping final, Christopher Mies, Edward SandstrÇ?Çïm, Laurens Vanthoor and Nico M€ªller were the drivers standing at the top of the podium. Audi had only unveiled the new GT3 sportscar ten weeks previously. The Carrera DIGITAL 132 Audi R8 LMS "Audi Sport Team, No.28" slotcar impresses with front, rear and brake lights, and faithfully reproduced details. This Carrera car can be individually coded; it's digitally controllable and guarantees hours of racing fun.

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