CAR30737 Porsche 917K Martini International "No.35", Watkins Glen 6H 1970

by Carrera
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Retro chic back in the lead

The Martini International Racing Team finished 7th and 9th at the 6-hour race at Watkins Glen Race Course. Hardly surprising, since the Porsche 917K racing car could displace 4.5 litres and produce 383 kW of power, making it one of the cc giants of its era. The K stood for shorttail (Kurzheck) and it was designed to suits bendy circuits. The final incarnation of the V8 cylinder engine from 1970 even produced 442 kW at 8400 rpm. Not only were the specs and techs impressive, the psychedelic design with green and blue swirls gave this automobile an unmistakeable retro hippy look.

The Porsche 917 K Martini International 'No.35', Watkins Glen 6h 1970 impresses with front lights and faithfully reproduced details. This Carrera car can be individually coded; it's digitally controllable and can be used with analogue (Carrera Exclusiv) infrastructure. Enjoy the authentic and nostalgic racing atmosphere in your own home.

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