CAR30733 Mercedes-Benz F1 W05 Hybrid "L.HAMILTON, NO.44"

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Like a world champion

Lewis Hamilton is striving for his second world championship title in the Mercedes F1 W05 Hybrid 2014. The Englishman is being closely followed by his stablemate, the equally talented Nico Rosberg. The cars are also perfectly matched, both of these silver arrows being powered by a 1.6-litre V6 engine with a turbocharger. The performance of the Mercedes delivers the necessary speed that has made Hamilton so unbeatable in so many battles.

The Carrera DIGITAL 132 Mercedes-Benz F1 W05 Hybrid "L. Hamilton, No.44" slotcar impresses with faithfully reproduced details. This Carrera car can be individually coded; it's digitally controllable and guarantees hours of racing fun.

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