CAR30710 AMG-Mercedes C-Coupe DTM "R.Wickens, No.10"

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Always ahead of the rest

In their very first race the DTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupes recorded a stunning 1st & 2nd place victory. In 2012 the 500 hp racing car replaced the DTM AMG Mercedes C-Klasse - the most successful car in DTM history, having won 85 of its 159 races. The current version features a cooler grill modelled on the grill design of the AMG serial model.

The Carrera Digital 132 AMG Mercedes C-Coupe DTM "R.Wickens, No.10" Slotcar impresses with front, rear / brake lights, and faithfully reproduced details. This Carrera car can be individually coded; it's digitally controllable and guarantees hours of racing fun.

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