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Forza Ferrari

Ferrari produced just 25 cars from the 512S series for the sportscar class in 1970. Motor racing fans were thrilled by the 600 bhp produced by a 5-litre V12 engine. There were plenty of hard-fought battles between the 512S and the Porsche 917K, as was the case at the 24-Hour Race in Daytona in 1970. In this race the Ferrari bore the number 28.

The Carrera DIGITAL 124 Ferrari 512S Berlinetta Daytona 24 h slotcar is a genuine eyecatcher with xenon headlights, 100% realistic rear and brake light functionality and close attention to authentic details. This Carrera car can be assigned its own code, is digitally controlled and can also be used in the analogue format (Carrera Exclusiv). For an authentic racing experience at home.

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