AX30103 Icon Aluminum Shock Set 61-90mm (2)

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Axial’???s latest scale shock release is fully licensed by Icon Vehicle Dynamics’??¶«. These shocks feature a new and improved CNC machined shock piston for smoother action through the range of travel. The new Icon shocks also feature clear coated polished aluminum bodies, complete with aluminum faux reservoirs. The main body of the shock is threaded for quick ride height adjustments and pre-load tuning ability. Like their full size counterparts these shocks are completely rebuildable, tunable and offer consistent handling all while adding some of that Icon bling to your SCX10’??¶« chassis.

’??¶«¶ôǨ¶ôǨ¶ôǨ CNC machined pistons, shock bodies and reservoirs for a precise fit
’??¶«¶ôǨ¶ôǨ¶ôǨ Polyoxymethylene¶ôǨ - (POM/thermoplastic) shock pistons offers smooth action¶ôǨ
’??¶«¶ôǨ¶ôǨ¶ôǨ Clear anodized shock bodies and reservoirs¶ôǨ
’??¶«¶ôǨ¶ôǨ¶ôǨ Titanium nitride coated shock shafts for durability
’??¶«¶ôǨ¶ôǨ¶ôǨ Dual rate springs
’??¶«¶ôǨ¶ôǨ¶ôǨ Includes steel ball studs¶ôǨ
’??¶«¶ôǨ¶ôǨ¶ôǨ All hardware for assembly included
’??¶«¶ôǨ¶ôǨ¶ôǨ New shock pistons, bodies and reservoirs are compatible with all SCX10’??¶« shocks¶ôǨ
’??¶«¶ôǨ¶ôǨ¶ôǨ Two shocks per package

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