AXIC9056 1/10 Wraith Spawn Electric 4WD Kit

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Key Features

  • Chassis: Full tube composite construction with composite skidplate
  • Drive: Four wheel shaft with WB8 HD Wildboar 3-piece driveshafts with captured cross pin design eliminating older set screw design hardened steel universal joints increase steering angle by 10 over stock dogbone/drive cup setup
  • Axles: AR60 OCP (Off-Center-Pumpkin) high-strength composite design
  • Transmission: Steel output gears and dual slipper clutch equipped
  • Differentials: Locked type with easy access for rebuilding and maintenance
  • Spur Gear: Molded composite plastic 32 pitch, 56 tooth
  • Suspension: Four link optimized to reduce axle steer, machined aluminum lower suspension links reduce flex and provide precisecontrol over rough terrain
  • Shocks: Icon Vehicle Dynamics aluminum body
  • Receiver Box: Waterproof
  • Cockpit: Lexan interior with molded driver figure
  • Battery Tray: Sized for 6-cell 7.2V standard stick packs or 2S LiPo pack up to 1.8" (47mm) wide, 5.9" (150mm) long, 1.1" (28mm) high
  • Tires: 2.2" (56mm) diameter Maxxix Trepador in S30 compound and multi-stage staggered shoulder pattern for improved control, foam inserts also included
  • Wheels: Three piece Method IFD 12 spoke beadlock with updated hub adapter that uses standard 12mm hex
  • Body: Clear polycarbonate Wraith Spawn
  • Warranty: Axial warrants this kit to be free from defects in materials and workmanship when new. This warranty does not cover damages due to normal wear and tear, user's failure to perform routine maintenance, user error of assembly or installation, user modifications, addition of aftermarket parts or option parts.


Wraith Spawn Rock Racer kit with Cockpit, Tires, Wheels, Foam Inserts, 56T Spur Gear, 12T Pinion Gear, Shocks, Body, Window Masks, Decals and Instruction Manual


  • Radio: 2-channel
  • Servo: High-torque, standard size
  • ESC: Axial AE-2 recommended
  • Motor: 540 size
  • Battery: 7.2V NiMH 6-cell stick pack or 7.4V 2S LiPo pack
  • Battery Charger: For selected battery type
  • AA Batteries: Four or eight depending on selected transmitter
  • Building and trail equipment
  • Wheelbase: 13.9" (353mm)
  • Width:11.02" (280mm)
  • Height: 9.1" (232mm)
  • Length: 19.25" (490mm)
  • Ground Clearance: 2.8" (72mm)
  • Weight: 5.45lbs (2.47kg) with electronics
    • Length: 18.1" (461mm)
    • Width: 8.3" (211mm)
    • Height: 6" (152.4mm)
    • Thickness: .040" (1.02mm)

    For Replacement Ball Bearings use:

    Qty.Size Location Qty.Bearing Set

    2¶ÿ 10x15x4mm Fr Dif1 DTXC1595¶ÿ
    2 10x15x4mm Rear DiffDTXC1595
    4 5x11x4mmFr Axle/UprightsDTXC1547¶ÿ
    2¶ÿ 10x15x4mm Fr Axle/UprightsDTXC1595
    2 5x11x4mm Rear Axle 2 DTXC1547
    4 5x10x4mm Gearbox 2 DTXC1535
    1 8x16x5mm Gearbox 1 DTXC1585¶ÿ
    1 15x21x4mm GearboxǨ 1 DTXC1601¶ÿ
    1 5x11x4mm Gearbox Output Shaft DTXC1547

    AXI90056 AX90056 90056

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