CARRERA 30012 GT Face Off, Digital 132 Set w/Lights

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Carrera 30012 GT Face Off, Digital 132 Set w/Lights


Total Track Length: 26.24ft (8 meters)

Dimensions when Assembled: 10.5 x 4.98 ft (321 x 152 cm)

1x Porsche 911 RSR "Porsche GT Team, #911" - 30915
1 x Ford GT Race Car "No.66" - 30913
Standard Straights (20509)
1/60 Curves (20571)
Control Unit
2 x Wired Controllers
Double Lane Change Section
Lane Change Curve, Right, Out to In (30365)
14.8 Volt Transformer
Spare Contact Brushes
Guard Rail
Track Connection Clips

Scale of Track: 1/24
Scale of Cars: 1/32

It is possible to use wired and wireless controllers together on a Digital 132/124 set.  If combining wired and wireless controllers you can use a maximum of 2 wired controllers.  Any other contollers added (up to 6 total) would need to be wireless.

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